Expanded Artscroll Siddur - Wasserman Edition

Author: Rabbi Nosson Scherman / Rabbi Meir Zlotowitz
Publisher: ArtScroll / Mesorah


Orthodox Orthodox

Product Description
For a generation, the original ArtScroll Siddur has been the unchallenged Siddur of choice across the English-speaking world.

Now -- for a new generation -- the new, expanded ArtScroll Siddur inaugurates a new era of excellence, beauty, user friendliness, and added features. And with same classic ArtScroll "look" and page numbers, it enables congregations and families to retain the original ArtScroll Siddur while upgrading to the Siddur that will be the standard for the next generation.

The new Siddur has been revised and completely re-typeset, and, thanks to new fonts and state-of-the-art technique and technology, the type is larger and clearer, yet the page size remains the same.

Here are some of its more than 100 pages of new additional features:

An original new Overview

Yom Kippur Kattan

Megillas Esther, Ruth and Koheles

Perek Shirah

Six Constant Mitzvos

Iggeres HaRamban

Prayer of the Holy Sh'lah

Prayer at the Holy places in Israel

A new special section: The Laws, Customs, and Prayers in the Land of Israel

Has the high-quality paper and extra-sturdy reinforced side-binding you expect from ArtScroll

The WASSERMAN EDITION OF THE NEW, EXPANDED ARTSCROLL SIDDUR is an unparalleled enhancement of your Tefillah experience. Make it a part of your home, synagogue and personal service of the heart!

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