Schottenstein Interlinear Succos Machzor

Author: Rabbi Menachem Davis, Rabbi Nosson Scherman
Publisher: ArtScroll Mesorah Publications

Ashkenaz Only!

Orthodox Orthodox

Product Description
As your eye sweeps over each line of print, it notes the precise English definition of every word printed just below the Hebrew. When you come to a word you do not understand, the English translation is right there word by word, so you easily absorb the meaning and move on.

The secret of this remarkable innovation is the row of arrows between the English words. This visual device keeps your eye moving right to left, right along with the Hebrew, even though you are reading in English! This system is so effective that ArtScroll is having it patented.

The more you use the Interlinear editions, the more you learn to associate Hebrew and English terms, become aware of nuances of meaning, even discover grammatical patterns. The result is increased comprehension of Hebrew in every context.

Whatever your level of Hebrew knowledge, you can keep up with the service and participate in meaningful prayer.

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