Spanish Edition of the Siddur - Complete Full Size

Publisher: ArtScroll Mesorah Publications


Orthodox Orthodox

Product Description
The original translation, the brilliant commentary, the clear and concise laws all the features that have made the ArtScroll Siddur far and away the first choice of English-speaking Jews throughout the world are now here in Spanish.

The complete Hebrew text completely reset in crisp, modern type

Scriptural sources

Clear, concise instructions

Hebrew subheads

New, highly readable Spanish translation of the entire prayer services

A clear, inspirational commentary on every prayer, and an introductory overview providing perspective and insight

Attractive, clear page layouts

Lightweight, easy-to-handle opaque paper

Special sections explaining in detail the laws of the prayer service and all special customs and observances

Prayer services that are easy for everyone to follow

Deluxe, gold-embossed binding to last for generations

Full Size $29.50
Full Size - RCA Edition $30.50

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