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Learn to read Hebrew and master Hebrew grammar with this three-program value package!

Learning to Read Hebrew A Complete Hebrew Study Course
Learning to Read Hebrew is a comprehensive Hebrew study course which teaches all aspects of Hebrew reading. Learn the Hebrew alphabet letters and vowel sounds, as well as how they can be combined to form words and phrases. You will learn to read Hebrew using the Sephardic pronunciation used in modern Hebrew conversation. Learning to Read Hebrew includes full-featured audio. With the click of a button, the computer will enunciate the Hebrew words and phrases that appear on your screen. As you study, Israeli music plays in the background, making the entire Hebrew study course an enjoyable and relaxing experience.
Davka Dikduk Software
Learn Hebrew grammar effortlessly using Davka Dikduk the leading program for learning basic Hebrew grammar. If you read Hebrew and know some basic vocabulary, it's the perfect next step. Davka Dikduk uses informative and imaginative lessons, combined with challenging and entertaining quizzes and exercises, to help you grasp the intricacies of Hebrew grammar.
Davka Dikduk II Software
Learning Hebrew language concepts is easy using Davka Dikduk II the leading software for learning advanced Hebrew grammar. If you are already comfortable with basic Hebrew grammar, Davka Dikduk II is the ideal program for you. Davka Dikduk II introduces advanced concepts of Hebrew grammar using enjoyable, original lessons, combined with challenging and entertaining quizzes that reinforce material studied in the program.

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