DVD Shas - Entire Daf Yomi Series in MP3!

Publisher: Davka Corporation

Available in Yiddish or English

Orthodox Orthodox

Product Description
The Entire Daf Yomi Lecture Series in MP3 Format!

Seven years of Daf Yomi lectures - every shiur on every daf of every Mesechta are included on 6 DVDs. Download the files to your MP3 player, listen to the files on your computer - you can listen to any shiur on any daf whenever you want!

  • 2,711 Daf Yomi shiurim
  • Daf Yomi audio is encoded in MP3 24kb/sec
  • Shiurim are available in English or Yiddish
  • Daf Yomi lectures feature Torah Communications Network's renowned Magidei Shiur

English $71.99
Yiddish $71.99

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