A Shabbos Treasury

Author: Rabbi Avigdor Shmedra
Publisher: Feldheim

A Family Experience for the Shabbos Table

Orthodox Orthodox

Product Description
Only through the captivating pages of this unique, extraordinary book will you finally see all the beauty and treasures of Shabbos that have been hiding beneath the surface! Enhanced by beautiful, full-color illustrations by renowned artists, this book is a wonderful tapestry of intriguing stories--age-old and contemporary--embroidered with in-depth insights on all aspects of Shabbos, from interesting facts and explanation of zemiros, elucidations of Shabbos customs, and elucidation of the special Shabbos prayers. A visual-aid navigation system directs readers to various pages in the book by offering interesting teasers to each section and the writing style is both satisfying and clear, making this a book that will be enjoyed by kids and parents alike. Make your Shabbos sparkle with this eye-opening book. This is one you'll treasure for yourselves and want to give as a gift to others!

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