Glowing Keyboard Stickers - Hebrew / English

Fluorecent Keyboard Stickers in Hebrew and English

Made In Israel Made In Israel

Product Description
They will pick up the light of your monitor, making your keyboard very visible even in a completely dark room.

In a lit area, they will dramatically reduce eye fatigue, especially when you need to spend many hours with your computer!

Covers complete key it has Hebrew and English both on the same sticker.

Product Advantages: Reduces eye fatigue, Has large and vivid characters, Renews worn out keyboards, Unique coating for long-lasting use, Matte surface that is pleasant to touch, Easy to apply - just peel and stick, Allows Clean removal with no sticky glue, Rounded corners for a better feel and durability.

Compatible with any keyboard.

Click on large image to see actual sheet of stickers.

Price: $7.99

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