Rambam Mishneh Torah SET - Rabbi Steisaltz

Author: Rambam with commentary of Rabbi Adin Steinsaltz
Publisher: Koren

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The Mishneh Torah is the most comprehensive corpus of halakha in Jewish literature. Written by the Rambam in the 12th century, it offers advanced and novice learners alike a straightforward guide to Jewish law. The Koren Mishne Torah is the newest edition of the Mishne Torah today. It features a clear, contemporary layout that clarifies the text, the brilliant commentary of the prolific Rabbi Adin Even-Israel Steinsaltz, along with a variety of rich visual aids and educational tools to help learners read and understand the Rambam's text more clearly.

Educational tools include:

Introductions to every chapter and halakha in each volume

Explanations of terms, concepts, halakhot and their underlying principles

Summary of halakhic rulings with source citations (incl. Shulĥan Arukh and responsa)

Restoration of authentic chapter divisions (commonly-used divisions have been retained)

Charts and diagrams to illustrate complex concepts

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