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Succos Secrets: The Mysteries Revealed 
Author: Rabbi Dovid Meisels
Publisher: Israel Bookshop

Orthodox Orthodox

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Product Description

  • Why is the name of the Yom Tov in the plural form - Succos instead of Succah?
  • Why do we shake the Four Species in all directions?
  • Were the Jewish people allowed to wear shoes in the Clouds of Glory?
  • What are the six items that set Shemini Atzeres apart as a separate Yom Tov?
  • Why is Simchas Torah celebrated when we finish the Torah - instead of on Shavous, when we received the Torah?

Yom Kippur has passed. Now that we are spiritually pure and wiped clean from win we are finally ready to sit in the succah - the house of Hashem.
Yet the planning for Succos - so soon after Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur - tends to be solely practical in nature, with little time spent on introspection and spiritual preparation. How can we fully optimize every moment of this glorious Yom Tov, the z'man simchaseinu when our ancestors, the holy ushpizin, come to share in our joy?

This book is the solution. From the importance of the Four Species to the seriousness of Hoshanah Rabba and the deeper meaning of the dancing of Simchas Torah, this anthology presents the spiritual gems of the Sages in a format that is both engaging and inspiring. Here you will find the insight that will bring a new depth of meaning to your Yom Tov.

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