A Tiny Taste of Heaven

Author: Rabbi Nachman Seltzer
Publisher: ArtScroll Mesorah Publications

Amazing stories about the power of Hafrashas Challah

Product Description
In the 1990s, Mrs. Nava Ben Moshe discovered the power of hafrashas challah to touch women’s hearts and change their lives. Since then, she has organized challah bakes for thousands of women. Mrs. Ben Moshe has literally hundreds of stories about the power of hafrashas challah -- and no one tells those stories quite like Rabbi Nachman Seltzer! In these pages we will meet Gila, the kibbutznik who was totally uninterested in challah, until she got a sign from Above that even she couldn’t ignore. We’ll even meet a “sourdough starter” that changed a family’s life! Read these unusual and captivating stories, and enjoy “a tiny taste of Heaven”!

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