Bereishis / Genesis 2 Volume Set

Author: Rabbi Meir Zlotowitz
Publisher: Artscroll Mesorah

A new translation with a commentary anthologized from talmudic, midrashic, and rabbinic sources.

Orthodox Orthodox

Product Description
Acknowledged classics. Overviews, translation, and phrase-by-phrase commentary culled from countless Rabbinic sources. The ArtScroll Series presents the comments of the classic giants of ancient and contemporary times in a logical, comprehensible manner, like a master teacher on an exciting voyage of intellectual discovery.

  • Entire Hebrew text reset in clear modern type.
  • Flowing English translation.
  • Commentary anthologized from 2,000 years of Talmudic and Rabbinic sources.
  • Overviews exploring the hashkafah/philosophical background of each volume.
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