The Schottenstein Interlinear Minchah / Maariv

Author: Rabbi Menachem Davis
Publisher: Artscroll Mesorah

Pages: 160
Dimensions: 3 3/4" x 5 1/2"
Pictured is the Leatherette cover

Orthodox Orthodox

Product Description
When you pray, you want to know what you're saying as you're saying it! Now you will! Thanks to an expert team of scholars, writers, editors, and graphic designers, ArtScroll's new Interlinear Series is here the revolutionary new way to add meaning and understanding to prayer.

The patent-pending use of arrows directs your eye in the right direction so that you can keep following along.

Includes complete Minchah, Maariv, Bircas Hamazon, Tefillas Haderech and more!

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Leatherette $3.49

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