Artscroll Mishnah - Seder Kodashim

Author: Rabbi Hersh Goldwurm
Publisher: Artscroll Mesorah

A new translation with a commentary anthologized from Talmudic, Midrashic and Rabbinic sources

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Product Description
The ArtScroll Mishnah Series with Yad Avraham commentary brings the text to life as it is developed and clarified by contending minds in the study hall.

  • Hebrew text fully punctuated and vowelized
  • New English translation distinguished for clarity
  • In-depth introduction preceding each tractate
  • Every phrase in the Mishnah is accounted for; no need to refer back and forth from text to commentary
  • Illustrative diagrams to explain concepts
  • Prefatory comments to introduce new concepts
  • Yad Avraham commentary covering the full range of major, and many secondary, commentaries.

ZEVACHIM: This tractate discusses animal and bird sacrifices.
MENACHOS: This tractate discusses flour offerings, wine libations.
CHULLIN: This tractate discusses laws of non-sacred meat animals.
BECHOROS: This tractate discusses firstborns.
ARACHIN: This tractate discusses consecration of personal worth.
KERISOS: This tractate discusses spiritual excision and sin-offerings.
TAMID/MIDDOS/KINNIM: Tamid deals with the daily routine in the Temple, Middos with the dimensions of the Temple and its furnishings, and Kinnim with bird sacrifices.

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ARACHIN $23.39
KERISOS $23.39

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