Bentzi And The Museum Mystery

Author: Shifra Glick
Publisher: Feldheim Publishers

Product Description
Hi! It’s me, Bentzi. Yes, that’s right. It’s me writing this time, not my sister Batya. “I want a turn too,” I told Batya. “Why should you always write our stories? It’s not fair!” “What are you going to write about? Nothing special happened since the magic potion.” “Oh, but it soon will!” I lowered my voice to a soft whisper. “Mysterious new neighbors are coming to live in our building, and we will discover their hidden secret!” If you love reading Shikufitzky , here's your chance to laugh and think some more with a different kind of series – the amazingly funny adventures of Bentzi! Another imaginative, fun-filled book by the author of the best-selling series

Price: $13.99

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