Hide & Seek

Author: Bracha Rosman
Publisher: Isreal Bookshop Publications

A Teen Novel

Product Description
Mr. Renard returned wet and cold and slammed the door behind him. "I should give you a thrashing for coming down here," he raised his fist to Idy, "but lucky for you, I'm in a good mood." Idy pulled the little girl closer to her heart. "You'll take care of her," Mr. Renard said. "She's your responsibility, understand?" Idy nodded. So this was the delivery he had been referring to. This was the sort of help he wanted from her. Mr. Renard lowered his voice. "No one knows she's here, just like no one knows you're here." His voice became menacing. "You'll keep it that way. Take the kid with you and get up to the attic." Deep in the countryside, on the Renards' old onion farm, lives a dark secret, in the form of two siblings, Idy and her younger brother Jacob. No one but the nasty Renards knows of their existence in the drafty attic, and Idy and Jacob themselves have little memory of their past. All they know is the drudgery, cold, and constant hunger of their daily life, working as slaves for Mr. and Mrs. Renard and their daughter Fay. But Mr. Renard's greediness leads him to take some drastic and risky steps. At first this seems to spell utter devastation to Idy and Jacob, but the siblings, whose emunah is all they have left of their former lives, refuse to surrender to despair. And that's when some small pinpricks of hope begin to penetrate the gloom... A novel for teens that is both suspenseful and heartwarming, Hide and Seek will captivate you with thrills and chills from the very first page until the last!

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