Siddur Yitzchak Yair - All Hebrew Artscroll Siddur

Author: Rabbi Nosson Scherman
Publisher: Artscroll Mesorah

Nusach Ashkenaz

Orthodox Orthodox

Product Description
ArtScroll's ever popular all-Hebrew Ashkenaz Siddur is now available in a large format, perfect for pulpit and personal use. The Large Siddur features 8-1/2" x 11" page size; reinforced binding; and perfect type for easy reading.

Full Size $13.50
Pocket - Hard Cover $11.69
Pocket - Soft Cover $10.50
XL - Pulpet $20.50
Pocket Size - Alligator Leather $25.50
Pocket Size - YerushalayimBrown $67.50
Pocket Size - YerushalayimTwo Tone $67.50
Large Type - RCA Edition $20.50

$8.00 plus $0.00 per Line
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