Travel Edition Schottenstein Talmud- Bava Kamma

Publisher: Artscroll Mesorah Publications

Ultra-Lightweight, Paperback, TRAVEL EDITION

Product Description
From early morning till late at night, people are using their Schottenstein Talmud volumes and enriching their lives with the word of Hashem. Now - thanks to this new ultra-lightweight, paperback TRAVEL EDITION - more people than ever will be able to take Torah with them, on land, and in the air.

A durable paperback book that slips easily into a briefcase or carry-on bag

Includes every word of the English elucidation and commentary found in the full-size edition

Less than a third the weight of the regular hard-cover Daf Yomi Edition

The same high quality paper and printing you expect from ArtScroll/Mesorah

Bava Kamma 1A - Folios 2-17a $9.50
Bava Kamma 1B - folios 17a-36a $9.50
Bava Kamma 2A - folios 36a-55a $9.50
Bava Kamma 2B - folios 55a-83a $9.50
Bava Kamma 3A - folios 83b-103a $9.50
Bava Kamma 3B - folios 103a-119b $9.50

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