Mysterious Creatures

Author: Rabbi Nosson Slifkin
Publisher: Targum Press

Intriguing Torah Enigmas of Natural and Unnatural History

Orthodox Orthodox

Product Description
This book explores conflicts between the Talmud and science in the context of Torah mysteries of zoology. The Talmud and Midrash discuss a wide range of bizarre creatures, including mermaids, unicorns, griffins, dragons, sea-serpents and phoenixes, as well as strange biological concepts such as spontaneous generation. Mysterious Creatures discusses these cases in detail and brings a range of different approaches for understanding them. It is an essential book for any student or educator who has ever struggled with conflicts between the Talmud and science. Strikingly designed, and including extraordinary photographs and illustrations, this is a truly stimulating work.

“References in Chazal to curious zoological phenomena are often more mystifying than the creatures themselves. Rabbi Slifkin’s thorough scholarship, so well proven in his previous works, comes through once again. Even more important than providing answers to thorny questions surrounding the subjects of the book's title, this work helps the student plot a steady course through the sometimes churning waters of Chazal’s science. How much did Chazal rely on the science of their day? When did they - and when did they not - mean to be taken literally? Rabbi Slifkin provides answers consistent with the spirit of our mesorah. By doing so, the profundity of the Torah of our Sages shines with even greater brilliance.”
- Rabbi Yitzchok Adlerstein Author, Maharal: Be'er HaGolah (Artscroll)

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