A Handbook For The Jewish Home

Author: Alfred J. Kolatch
Publisher: Jonathan David Publishers

Conservative Conservative

Product Description
A practical guide that explains precisely and concisely how to conduct ourselves both in our homes and when interacting with the Jewish community at large.

Without underestimating the reader's intelligence or overestimating his or her Jewish knowledge, the handbook instructs us how to derive the most from life's joyous occasions (picking a name for a new-born, preparing for a Bar and Bat Mitzva, planning a wedding celebration) and how to cope with the painful ones (arranging for a divorce, making funeral preparations, observing the rituals of mourning). It teaches us how to establish a kosher home, properly affix a Mezuza to a doorpost, donTeffilin, light Sabbath and holiday candles and recite the Kiddush over wine. So that we might obtain maximum pleasure and inspiration from the Jewish days of celebration, it also presents background on each of the holidays and offers step-by-step guidance on how to observe the relevant customs.

Rabbi Alfred J. Kolatch the celebrated author of The Jewish Book Of Why and over fifty other books, has also served as president of the Association of Jewish Chaplains of the Armed Forces, and as vice-president of the interdenominational Military Chaplains Association of the United States.

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