Product Description
Mosquitoes are known to transmit diseases such as Equine Encephalitis, West Nile Virus and others. When they bite an animal or bird infected with a disease, they go to lay eggs and come back to bite again. It is this second bite that transmits diseases. The Oak Stump Mosquito Trap attracts, catches and kills mosquitoes when they try to lay eggs, thus preventing that second "fatal" bite.

Our trap uses a mosquito egg pheromone which Mosquitoes use to mark special egg-laying places. This "locator" biochemical draws mosquitoes into the trap, but they cannot find the exit and will eventually tire and drown in the liquid.

Traps are re-useable, non-toxic, and safe for the environment. Keep out of reach of children and pets.

The Oak Stump Farm Mosquito Lure contains 1 pheromone-based replacement lure, plus the recipe for a "swamp vegetation" bait. For use only in the Oak Stump Farm Mosquito Trap.

Trap $11.99
Extra Lure $4.99

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