Codex Judaica

Author: Rabbi Mattis Kantor
Publisher: Zichron Press

Chronological Index of Jewish History

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Codex Judaica - Chronological Index of Jewish History: Covering 5,764 Years of Biblical, Talmudic and post-Talmudic History with Timelines, Charts and Maps

This book is a digest of the history of Biblical and Talmudic times, post Talmudic scholars (major events in their lives) and events that affected Jewish life in general, until this day. The scope of this book - which places emphasis on the proper sequence of events ? is very specific. Events are listed in their year of occurrence unless otherwise indicated - quoting sources until the end of the Talmud era.

Inasmuch as it is an attempt to list ? in a clear but very brief manner ? all the important information available, presenting it in a style readable to the layman, it has been necessary to omit certain details which would only inject confusion, not clarity.

The chronology of events is based on Biblical and Talmudic sources, and consequently events listed here as having occurred prior to the secular year one (1) do not synchronize with the chronology based on other sources (mainly Persian kings ? many with the same names ? and the year of their reign, a matter upon which scholars differ in opinions.) This book does not attempt to address this issue - that is the scope of an entirely different book.

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