Ribbon Marker, Full color presentation Endleaf
  • Reinforced and sewn leatherette quarter-binding
  • Luxurious die-cut presentation slipcase">
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    The Illuminated Pirkei Avos - Ethics of the Father 
    Author: Rabbi Yonah Weinrib
    Publisher: Artscroll Mesorah / Judaica Illuminations

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    Orthodox Orthodox

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    Product Description

    Museum quality artistry - Breathtaking imagery - Magnificent illuminations and calligraphy - Profound insights and commentary.

    Until now only the Collectors' Edition of this artistic masterpiece by Rabbi Yonah Weinrib has been available. Artscroll is privileged to present The Illuminated Pirkei Avos, a luxurious coffee-table art volume of the original heirloom edition.

    The Limited Edition graces museums and prestigious collections around the world, is acclaimed to be the most elaborately illuminated printed edition of Pirkei Avos in the last 500 years - and the Illuminated Pirkei Avos can now be yours!

    Rabbi Weinrib, a master craftsman, has deftly used a dazzling array of media: pen and ink, calligraphy, micrography, 22K gold (in the original manuscript), paper-cut, laser cut, airbrush and scratchboard in nearly 50 beautifully illuminated art pages. And his incisive commentary speaks volumes about Judaism's timeless messages found in Pirkei Avos.

    You'll be enriched by the teachings, fascinated by the intricate detail, and inspired by the synthesis of art and Torah.

    Almost four years of artistic endeavor and the wisdom of Judaism's ethical teaching are richly merged, creating a rare visual and intellectual experience. With this edition, Rabbi Weinrib has written a new chapter in the history of manuscript illumination. Enjoy it today!

    • Intricate artistic illumination, exacting calligraphy and micrography
    • Full English translation and profound commentary
    • 9" x 12" page size
    • Ribbon Marker, Full color presentation Endleaf
    • Reinforced and sewn leatherette quarter-binding
    • Luxurious die-cut presentation slipcase 
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