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The Mashgiach - Rabbi Meir Chodosh 
Author: Rebbetzin Shulamit Ezrachi - Libby Lazewnik
Publisher: Artscroll Mesorah

Some people study Mussar. Some people teach Mussar. Few people are Mussar

Orthodox Orthodox

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Product Description
Rabbi Chodosh was a quintessential talmid of Rabbi Nosson Tzvi Finkel, the legendary mashgiach of Slabodka in Lithuania and then in Chevron. Reb Meir absorbed his great rebbi's teaching and with it he imbued thousands of talmidim wherever he was, especially as mashgiach of several outstanding yeshivos.

His long and fruitful career encompasses the kaleidiscope of Yeshivah-Mussar life in the 20th century:

Europe between the World Wars, and the social upheavals that swept the continent; Israel, from the turbulant events of 5689 (1929) to the founding of the Jewish State; The wars, the social upheavals, the overwhelming numbers of immigrants, the challenges, the building of Torah institutions, the spiritual safeguarding of the yeshivos and yeshivah life.

In his unobrusive yer pivotal way, Rabbi Meir Chodosh was at the center of this reestablishment of Torah, and his spirit animated more achievement than anyone can possibly know. At his side was the Rebbetzin, his selfless, courageous, idealistic, generous partner in life. Together they were role models, guides, and surrogate parents for countless families.

In this magnificent book, their daughter Rebbetzin Shulamit Ezrachi, herself the wife of a distinguished Rosh Yeshivah, distills -- as much as humanly possible -- the great lives of her parents to the pages of a biography. Ten years in the making, this book is based on the memories of literally hundreds of colleagues, peers, students, and relatives. In its original Hebrew version, The Mashgiach enthralled multitudes. Now, thanks to the brillaint translation of Libby Lazewnik, English readers can share the life and accomplishment of one of the most memorable spiritual mentors of our time.

Hardcover 689 Pages.  

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