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Eternal Emunah 
Author: Rabbi David Tzvi Eliach
Publisher: ArtScroll / Mesorah

A Torah Perspective of Achieving and Living with Faith

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Product Description
A beloved Rosh Yeshivah and Mashgiach Ruchani -- a leader by intellect and personal example -- Rabbi David Tzvi Eliach has guided thousands of students to higher spiritual levels. As a seventh-generation Yerushalmi, he is saturated with the values, struggles, and sanctity of his great forebears. His Hebrew classic Derech Emunah was the recipient of the Zeitlin Prize, for works that present Torah values to the secular public. The authorís goal was to spread and deepen faith in our Creator. This English translation of that powerful work carries his uplifting message to a broad and diverse audience.

Using primary source material from the Torah, as well as writings of the Rambam and Ramban (and more contemporary thinkers such as his mentor, Rabbi Elyah Lopian), Rabbi Eliach constructs a framework for emunah, belief in G-d as the sole Power. He explores the momentous events that form the bedrock of Jewish belief, and deftly leads us to view everything around us with a new perspective.

In today's world that is so awhirl with confusing and tragic events, we are in greater need than ever to anchor our belief in the ongoing love of Hashem for the Jewish People. Eternal Emunah leads us to the firm recognition that G-dís vigilance over each of us is real and constant -- that the world is ever in His all-powerful Hands. It is a view that is at once awe-inspiring, uplifting, comforting and secure.

This is a work you will read, study, and contemplate again and again -- in times of joy and moments of pain; when the world seems to be crumbling around you and when you are enthralled by its beauty and perfection. Its lessons of Eternal Emunah will grow with you, pointing the way to new vistas of renewed and ever stronger faith. 

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