mefarshim, the Midrash, and the Gemara.

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The Parsha With Rabbi Juravel 
Author: Rabbi Dovid Juravel
Publisher: Israel Bookshop

Orthodox Orthodox

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Product Description
Rabbi Juravel is every kid's favorite storyteller! Through his popular Storytyme tape series, he has been teaching Torah to thousands of Jewish children around the world for years now. Rabbi Juravel's inimitable sryle charms children, even as he teaches them about Torah, mitzvos, and derech eretz.

Now, children can enjoy Rabbi Juravel's unique style of lucid and fun descriptions on sefer Bereishis in bood form. The familiar voice of Rabbi Juravel, with his matchless mannerisms and uique approach, rings throughout this volume. In this delightful, informative sefer, children will find not only the basic Chumash "story", but also interseting tales and tidbits from the mefarshim, the Midrash, and the Gemara.

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