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Author: Yehoshua Rubin

Illuminations on Shabbat and the Holidays

Orthodox Orthodox

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Product Description
Life is about waking up. Itís about engaging in real life with all its disappointments and successes. Itís about allowing ourselves to feel both the pain and the ecstasy of life.... I found that Shabbat and the Jewish holidays were a guide to the spiritual awakenings that I needed in order to wake up and stay awake. Through celebrating these special days I discovered what life is about: Tasting the sweetness of this world. Feeling the love your spouse has for you. Tickling your children. Learning to take advantage of Shabbatís gift of rest. Learning to forgive and give second chances on Yom Kippur. Experiencing the Tu BíShvat process of turning dreams into realities, as a seed turns itself into a fruit-bearing tree. Being a Purim Jew when you let down your barriers and fall in love with every human being. Learning to transform your pain into empathy as you leave your own personal Egypt at your Passover seder. And itís about staying up all night on Shavuot, to become as spiritually awakened as Ruth the Moabite, when she opened up her eyes.

Spiritual Awakenings is an inspirational guide to discovering anew the joy and meaning that can be found in Shabbat and each of the Jewish holidays. Yehoshua Rubin, a student of Rabbi Shlomo Carlebach, reveals how one can achieve self-awareness through unravelling the rich flavor that is imbued into the Jewish yearly cycle. In this enlightening volume, we are treated to a delightful fusion of Torah teachings, tales of chassidic Rabbis and heart-warming anecdotes.

Yehoshua Rubin earned a master's degree in Educational Counseling from Northeastern University, received rabbinical ordination from Rabbi Shlomo Riskin, and was a student of Reb Shlomo Carlebach. He teaches in both high school and college, is a guidance counselor, a storyteller, tour guide, writer and the lead vocalist of his band, ďThe Age of Friends.Ē Yehoshua lives in Israel with his wife Annette and their four children. 

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